AnyScan 2.00 released!

Fix one mem leak.

Strongly recommend to upgrade to this version!

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Any Scan 1.23 released!

Bug fix.

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Any Scan 1.22 released!

Welcome to Any Scan! It takes fast and optimal algorithm to scan documents. You can get your documents scanned easily and quickly within a few taps, while you can get full control of the scan effect and scan process either if you prefer.

Any Scan features:

. Save scanned documents to Google Drive, Dropbox.,etc.
. Clear scan effect in grey and color mode.
. Print multiple pages to one pdf with file size selectable.
. Easy to use of documents organizing: renaming, resorting, adding, deletion.
. Preview the scanned affect before you send them out.
. WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) shadow elimination.
. WYSIWYG grayscale adjustment.
. Email documents with pdf, jpg, and save to local camera roll.
. Steady and fast.

If any question or advice, please email to, your idea could be a new feature in the next release!

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